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3 Indispensable Roles Social Media can Play in Aerospace Marketing

October 23, 2019

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Some people in the marketing industry don’t believe in the importance of social media in the aerospace industry simply because aerospace companies only do business with airlines, governments and armed forces. If you analyze the statement, it does imply that because aerospace companies don’t use social media, then they’re not using it in their marketing systems.

This is a total misconception. As we all know, aerospace is a technology-driven industry and the people behind it are aware that the latest marketing strategies involve digital technology. Additionally, everybody is using social media everywhere nowadays, including people at the top of giant aerospace corporations and government offices.

Here are three things that make social media an important player in the aerospace industry:

1. Social media can serve as an aerospace company’s hub for News and Information.

Social media isn’t just a virtual place where people connect to each other. It’s also serves as a center for news and information where most people go in order to scoop events in real time. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter feature news regularly and allow their members to interact with each other.

Airline trade shows or aviation trade shows for example, are important events in the industry. With help from social media, aerospace companies can spread the news to a larger audience.

Today, more people get their news from the internet than from newspapers. People who want to know about a company’s latest events can go right into the firm’s social media page to get that information. On the other hand, persons who subscribe to the company’s social media page will automatically receive the company’s updates via their news feeds.

2. Social Media can give customers a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Social media isn’t just a news and information hub. It can also provide a behind-the-scenes look into the framework of what airline companies do day to day. Social media can also help to inform the public about your company’s unpublicized humanitarian or community efforts.

3. Social media helps to make people aware of an aerospace company’s valued causes.

Every company, regardless of the industry they’re engaged in, have beliefs and causes that they value especially if those have something to do with their brand or their target market. One of the most critical issues that concern aerospace companies is the environment.

With the increasing global concern of the environmental effects of global warming and air pollution, aerospace companies should strive to address this concern by mitigating their aircraft’s environmental impact on the environment. They can do this by lowering their carbon emissions and through active participation in reforestation and other environmental health projects. Airline companies can do their part in raising public awareness via their social media pages.

Social media is a great platform for building your aerospace company’s public image. It can also help to change the public’s perception of your brand.

As a stakeholder in the aerospace industry, you must make your company visible on social media. It’s an effective way to let people know that your company is not just doing business for profit but also doing what it can to make our world a better place to live.

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