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5 Factors for Successful Aviation Digital Marketing

September 13, 2018

To run a successful marketing campaign in today’s market, aviation companies have to think past the print ads and brochures of the past. Instead, they should start thinking digital. Modern airline marketing and management include a broad spectrum of strategies from web design and content marketing to social media, blogging and SEO for aviation. And don’t forget the PPC ads. It can all seem overwhelming to businesses who have worked the same way for decades. Let Aerospace Marketing put the following five marketing factors to work for your company.

A Company Blog

If you think blogs are just for teens and would-be journalists, you’re wrong. Forbes says marketing success is driven by the speed at which a brand can create awesome content, making blogs an important modern marketing tool. A well-done blog portrays you as an expert in your field. When you offer readers free articles about topics that interest them regarding your industry, they’ll start seeking you out for information. Once they see you as an expert, they’re more likely to become a customer. Blogs can also get you better rankings on the search engine results pages because they give you additional URLs for web crawlers and posts for social media, as well as working in other pieces of SEO like keywords.


Using search engine optimization in your internet content and blogs can improve your rankings on Google and other search engine pages. By hiring a firm like Aerospace Marketing to do the research and discover appropriate keywords to work into your wording, your customers will be able to find you more easily. When they do a web search and click on your link, they may already be ready to buy. However, if the website they click on is frustrating or lackluster, they may leave before making a purchase, which brings us to the next factor in digital marketing.

A Seamless Website

The aviation market is high-tech, so your airline marketing and management should be too. This is especially true for your website. A website that’s simply adequate is not going to instill confidence in your customers. Have a professional aviation marketing company walk you through an effective navigational menu and site architecture, a professional color scheme and page design that are pleasing to the eye, and quick loading times so your customers can get their information without a hassle.

Social Media

Every business that’s kept up with the times is on social media. You can’t do business without it in today’s world. Choose a site based on where the core of your customers is. FBOs can probably find their customers tweeting on Twitter or uploading pictures on Instagram of their travels. Join those sites and interact with them. Answer any questions they may have and you can foster their loyalty. If you’re a B2B avionics supplier, you’ll want to look at professional groups such as LinkedIn and network with other senior-level decision makers through professional aerospace groups. With a little research, you can figure out where your customers will be and use that to your advantage.

Email Lists

Email campaigns or monthly newsletters can help you bring in new customers, get repeat business from current customers, encourage referrals, and promote brand loyalty. You should be working to gather email addresses everywhere you can. Have people sign up on your website, ask for addresses of potential customers at trade shows or from industry connections and referrals. After your list has grown, you should split it into groups based on interests. For example, MRO, avionics, bizav, etc. Next, segment it further based on where they are in the sales process. Are they a lead? A past or current customer? You can even segment them based on where you met them or their geographical location. By breaking the list down into groups, you can better tailor your message to their needs and get a greater conversion rate.

Going the digital marketing road alone can be scary and confusing. Aerospace Marketing Group can make it easy. Talk to us about promoting your aviation brand online.

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