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7 Indispensable Principles for Building Effective Aviation Websites

January 20, 2020


Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, watching videos, reading news, using web applications or even just browsing websites in connection with some topic we want some information about. This makes us proud beneficiaries of the wonders of technology. But there are times that when in our search, we encounter websites that are simply wasting our time. Websites that are too slow, poorly organized, difficult to navigate, and devoid of sensible information are perfect examples of ineffective websites. As a player in the aviation industry, you should not let any of these issues plague your website.

A website is like a flower. It needs to attract bees which represents visitors and traffic. You need to make it attractive and engaging to entice visitors and make them stay. To make this possible, your task is to know the factors that make a website interesting.

Here are some of the most important elements that are necessary for building an effective aviation website:

Focus your design on user experience.

What your website says is important. It is in fact the primary reason why people visit it. But by all means, you must blend it with a design that guarantees a positive user experience.

A design that puts user experience in mind is one that uses graphics, text, layout and interactive elements that work together to give the user a pleasant experience on top of the information they get from the site.

With help from a professional aviation website development company, make your aviation website standout from the competition with excellent visual and interactive features alongside informative content.

Make your website easy to scan.

Most people prefer to scan websites instead of reading them. It is one of the reasons why lots of content administrators use infographics and visuals to convey information or data.

Aside from being easy on the eyes and mind, scannable web pages are also appealing and easy to comprehend.

Make it simple and clear.

Users can assess your website in a matter of seconds. That said, you must indicate clearly what you want users to do by making action buttons easy to find.

Always give thought to what you can do to make your site or app easier to use – it is an integral component of the development process. Also see to it that your design is clear, consistent and easy to familiarize. This helps to give your visitors a pleasant browsing experience.

Stick to proven design elements.

Tested design elements give your website an edge above the rest. You don’t actually need to be extra creative to attract visitors. Remember, in website design, creativity only comes next to usability.

Know your audience.

When designing or building a website, you should first have a clear picture of who your target audience is. But you won’t be able to make your website interesting just by knowing who your audience is. There is a need for you to take a few more steps including finding out their wants, needs and problems, and creating an aviation website design that can meet their desires. You may do a little “spying” on competitors’ websites to get some ideas on how this is done. You may also hire a professional aviation website development team to accomplish this for you.

Emphasize visual hierarchy.

There are certain elements in a website that need special attention from users. Important website interfaces like action items should be highlighted or made larger than other items on the page to attract user attention.

Recognize the importance of U/X qualities.

User experience refers to the feelings a person gets after using your website. It is a very important element that you need to consider when developing a website. U/X is associated with specific qualities that can serve as a yardstick for a users’ assessment of this experience. These qualities include:

  • Original and useful – your content must be original and able to solve a problem or fulfill a need
  • Visible – your website and its content must be easy to find. You can do this by optimizing your website for SEO
  • Accessible – your content must be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Credible – Your content must be factual and not based on hearsay

The hard part about web design is building a website that attracts, engages, and makes visitors stay. This is where the emphasis on user experience comes into play. If you can deliver what visitors need from your website, you should also able to provide them an unforgettable user experience.

Build a great aviation website with expert assistance from a proficient aviation website design company. Call Aerospace Marketing at (561) 279-4660.

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