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How Mobile Responsiveness Can Greatly Affect an Airline Business

December 16, 2019

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Almost everyone is reliant on their mobile phones when traveling. Before you can even step inside an airport, you will notice its use when you see people presenting their flight itineraries using only their mobile phones. This is the very reason why any aviation advertising agency will advise airlines to regularly look into and improve their website design and responsiveness. All the more reason to do so because Google is now doing mobile-first indexing.

Content is king, but when a website is not mobile-friendly, it can significantly affect an airline’s reputation and quality of service. This is why aerospace marketing as an industry has evolved dramatically in the last few years. If you run an aviation advertising agency, changes and improvements need to be made. Mobile responsiveness has now become a huge factor in providing the needs of customers today.

With this in mind, what effective aerospace marketing strategies can be implemented? How can airline companies improve their website’s mobile responsiveness?

Checking in using apps

More and more airlines in the world now have mobile applications that serve Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices. People can now skip the lines and save time by checking in using the mobile app. These apps allow users to manage their bookings, retrieve their flight information, and check-in when it is already available.

Mobile boarding passes

Some airlines around the world now use mobile boarding pass functionality. It is easier to keep track of so long as you have your mobile phone with you. Users can also save time by skipping the queue.

Loading Time

As a general rule, airlines should aim for a maximum 3-second mobile load. Beyond that, users will start to get frustrated. The loading time is a significant factor that needs to be prioritized when one wants to improve their website’s mobile responsiveness.

Easy Access to Interface Actions

People always want the highest quality of customer service from airline companies. One way of doing this is by making interface actions such as online support or sales chat easily accessible to them. Other interface actions include social share links, maps, click to call, and one-stop checkout. Make these actions easier with just a tap of a finger. This will benefit not only users but also airline companies. Since people are now mobile reliant, human assistance is less needed.

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