Airline Industry – How to Keep Up with CoronaVirus

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According to an analysis by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the decline in travel and demand for flights caused by the Coronavirus fear is going to cost the airline industry between $63 and $113 billion. To date there are no signs of the pandemic slowing down, and it’s hard to say when it will […]

How Can Aviation Companies Benefit from SEO?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from “natural” or what is commonly referred to as “free”, “organic” search results on search engines such as Google, which is the most popular website in the world. An essential element in every business’ online marketing strategy, SEO is designed to improve a company’s […]

Voice Search Optimization for Aviation Marketing

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In Google’s Mobile Voice Study, 55% of teens and 40% of adults use voice search more than once a day. Indeed a lot of people are relying on voice search for multitasking. The trend of voice search has certainly increased because users find it more convenient to speak than to type with their keyboard. Faster […]

5 Proven Strategies for Advertising in the Airline Industry

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In this modern, technology driven world, marketing is an essential aspect every business must practice in order to get a fair share of a highly competitive market. To make it work, innovative marketing is a must. It enables businesses to attract the attention of consumers. Airlines should develop new marketing tactics for advertising in the […]

Trending Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Aviation Business

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As an operator of an aviation business, you are part of a highly technical industry. Despite this, most marketers in this industry are still utilizing old fashioned marketing strategies. In this day and age, old marketing techniques like the ones we see on television and magazines are becoming obsolete, yet they remain costly. According to […]

7 Indispensable Principles for Building Effective Aviation Websites


Most of us spend a lot of time on social media, watching videos, reading news, using web applications or even just browsing websites in connection with some topic we want some information about. This makes us proud beneficiaries of the wonders of technology. But there are times that when in our search, we encounter websites […]

The Customer Experience: A Make or Break for Airlines


As with any business, excellent customer service boosts your brand’s reputation. Great reviews from your previous customers can increase the likelihood of others trying out your products and services. Since airlines basically charge the same one way or another, prices are easy to compare. The basis for choosing an airline then becomes about which one […]

Practical Tips for Marketing Your Brand at an Aviation Trade Show

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Taking part in an aviation trade show can result in either of two things: Get your brand known to potential customers or lose everything you invest on it – your time, money and effort due to poor planning or execution. Exhibiting in a trade show is no easy walk in the park. It requires a […]

How Mobile Responsiveness Can Greatly Affect an Airline Business

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Almost everyone is reliant on their mobile phones when traveling. Before you can even step inside an airport, you will notice its use when you see people presenting their flight itineraries using only their mobile phones. This is the very reason why any aviation advertising agency will advise airlines to regularly look into and improve […]

8 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Aviation Business

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With an estimated 21,500 business aircraft and 13,500 private jets, the United States is undoubtedly the global market leader in the aviation industry. This staggering number is an indication of a booming business and market domination. But it can also mean one thing – added competition. For the stakeholders of the American aviation industry, it’s […]